Jumping to the previous window

In a multi-window setup with a terminal, I often find myself having to jump between the terminal and a specific window.

Until now, I had been using the evil-window-<direction> commands:

Shortcut Command Description
SPC w l evil-window-right move to window right of current
SPC w h evil-window-left move to window left of current
SPC w j evil-window-down move to window below current
SPC w k evil-window-up move to window above current

This gets a bit repetitive when say you’re moving from the terminal on the bottom to a window on the far right.


Recently, I came across evil-window-mru, bound to SPC w C-p. It jumps to the last window you used.


So if you go from any window to the terminal with SPC o t, you can get right back with SPC w C-p. Wish I’d have found this earlier!