What I’m doing right now

(based on Derek Siver’s /now pages)


I currently work as an Engineering Manager at Shuttl, India’s largest office commute provider. I work on the platform team, where we build software components that are used by the various business verticals of Shuttl (Consumer, Enterprise & Government) to rapidly build out features that scale well.

I’m also building CodeCrafters, a site with fun programming challenges. As a self-taught programmer, I’ve found “Build Your Own X” tutorials to be a very effective method of learning. At Shuttl, I ran a series of competitive “Build Your Own Redis” challenges which people seemed to have liked. CodeCrafters is an attempt to product-ize that experience.

Hobbies & Fitness

Recently, I’ve picked up an interest in interior design. I started out by reading A Pattern Language, and am now working my way through The Architecture of Happiness. Itching to put my theoretical knowledge to use, I’m now trying to apply these principles in my apartment.

Fitness is something I’ve been lagging behind on in the past year. I’m trying to get back into a routine by walking 10k steps everyday, and running at least twice a week.